Delegate power or keep it close

The overall responsibility over the tasks has Samantha Park so she have definitely the right to control the projects assigned to her subordinates and to make sure everything is operating in the interest of her and thus the interest of the company.

I feel the type of power practiced has an effect on executives staying in control of projects and keeping in the loop on important decisions. In doing so, figuring out what decisions or tasks that have less impact or are not as important to the end goal can be delegated out to group individuals.

Enlisting the aid or support of others to persuade the target. The CEO should be in charge of the delegation process so direct the inside work of the company to meet the outside.

Unless someone else that you trust to complete that part of the project is able to do so. Executives should not try to control projects to maintain their position of authority. As we have learned from chapter 12, trust facilitates information sharing, groups are more effective, and trust enhances productivity Robbins, pg.

These interferences appear to be generally valid. Delegate Power, or Keep It Close. I never had a manager or team leader that tries to control projects just to maintain their position of authority. In firms that marketing is the name of their game, marketers are the most powerful occupational group Robbins, pg.

Those employees would do as I would if I was in the same position. No employee enjoys being micromanaged, there has to be a fine balance between manager involvement and employee trust in order to accomplish projects. First of all Samantha Parks should find out more about her employees strengths and delegate tasks according to their strengths.

If an executive is tied in with how a group project is going and informed on important decisions being made, they can adjust their level of control accordingly.

As a form of counteract Samantha Park can involve the subordinates in the delegation process and try to identify the level of discretion they can handle and make sure they understand the tasks. I think it will benefit Parks in accomplishing the projects effectively if she allows her employees work creatively on their own and have them more involved with the decision making.

Depending on how the direction of a group project is going, an executive might have to enforce more control in order to steer a group back on track to accomplish a goal. Rational persuasion, inspirational appeals, and consultation tend to be the most effective especially when the audience is highly interested in the outcomes of the decision process Robbins, pg.

Especially when the task can easily be completed by someone else.

Delegate Power, or Keep it Close?

If employees are trusted by their leaders to get the job done and the end goal is beneficial for everyone involved, then they will continue to follow the same leadership that guided them to success. This includes the area in which you are of much value to an organization.


At the Petro Star Valdez Refinery the workers safety required that they have an open communication line, employees need to feel valued, and that they have a voice in critical processes.

Executives should have some right to control projects by providing oversight and guidance. She should provide her employees with the right description and explanation about the project.

It is important that Samantha Park herself identifies what projects are the most important ones and maybe take responsibility over them by her self. Giving the power to a person who is qualified for that specific task and preferably who has been in the organization as long as I have would be my first choice.

This important task should not be delegated to another employee. With that being said, if the project is running smoothly and does not need any change, then the executive should stay right where they are and simply provide guidance as needed to achieve the goal. Delegate Power, or Keep It Close?

Delegate Power or Keep It Close

1 2 Establish progress monitor meeting monitor progress determine need for assistance set a deadline Build Trust give clear assignment & intrusion. Delegate Power, or Keep It Close? 1 2 Establish progress monitor meeting monitor progress determine need for assistance set a deadline.

Apr 16,  · If you were Samantha Parks, how would you prioritize which projects or parts of project to delegate? If I were Samantha Parks, I would prioritize projects by importance and would delegate as much as possible. As mentioned in the text, expert power is influence based on special skills or knowledge.

If the project requires. Prioritizing projects or parts of projects to delegate In delegation of projects, Samantha should consider several factors to run the firm in the right way. Apr 16,  · The choice to delegate work out to employees gives them a sense of responsibility while allowing me (the manager) to focus more attention on the big picture and how to achieve the end goal.

Giving employees a sense of responsibility builds up trust between the employees and management, high levels of trust will result in group cohesion and. Nov 20,  · Date: 11/18/ To: Sam Alexander, Instructor From: Kylene Lie Re: Chapter 13 Case Incident #1: Delegate Power, or Keep It Close If you were Samantha Parks, how would you prioritize which projects or parts of projects to delegate?

When you start a business you have the idea that you will fully be committed to.

Delegate power or keep it close
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