Does religion create intolerance

Is it impossible to understand. Because this understanding is so experiential, it is difficult to cite sources for it and impossible to pin the citations to a few pages.

Preachers Some people think, "It must be right, because Rev. Since, as Huston Smith, among others, has pointed out, every religion has strengths and weaknesses, 15 appreciative understanding promotes a process of mutual transformation in which study of the other, and especially dialogue with the other, actually changes one's self.

Most religions, of course, claim some transcendent origin, an origin of seemingly greater significance and relevance than mere human creativity and responsiveness to the open and luminous quality of full human experience. Charles Scribner and Co. However, monotheism did not emerge into history full-blown in this form.

If the Bible contradicts itself, then God would be divided against Himself. This period ended when Judaism's conversion practices were outlawed by its newly dominant offshoot -- Christianity.

Does Religion Create Intolerance

The individual's mind state and belief system are usually considered to be far more important than conformity to behavioral norms. Such attitudes invariably lead to religious disagreement and confusion. Regarding religious diversity, quite a different evaluation is often employed.

Certainly there was no major effort to spread these practices and beliefs to non-Israelite people; it was sufficiently difficult to cajole the Israelites into retaining them.

To be born into a culture is to inherit a religion; to be born into a different culture is to inherit a different religion. It's a great thing to aspire to. Stendahl, and many others, suggest a distinction between various modes of language, especially between metaphysical or scientific language and poetic, relational language in religious claims.

Such a basic reformation of sectarian religious education is greatly to be encouraged. Rather, there is deep and thoroughgoing appreciation of the different systems; their infinite variety becomes a source of fascination and enrichment rather than a problem. Are the problems caused by following man-made creeds and authority instead of following the Bible.

Muslims claimed only that Christian messages from that one universal deity had been superseded and made obsolete by the revelations given to Mohammed. Even less adequate is the tolerance based on indifference to religion altogether, on lukewarm perfunctory religious membership and lack of religious passion.

Jun 01,  · At a time when media headlines point to a spike in global intolerance, here’s some good news: most people around the world don’t say they believe any single race, religion or culture is better. Does Religion Cause Violence? Behind the common question lies a morass of unclear thinking.

Does Christianity foster violence and intolerance?

The myth of religious violence helps create a blind spot about the violence of the putatively secular nation-state. It often breeds intolerance of other religions as well as of internal dissent, and has a propensity towards violence.

Parekh. First, what is religious tolerance? The meanings of "religious intolerance" and "religious tolerance" are closely tied janettravellmd.comunately, the latter has two distinct meanings: Religious and social conservatives often interpret the phrase as related to a persons beliefs about other people's different religious beliefs.

It means that, to be tolerant, one must accept all religions as equally. Why religions sometimes promote hatred, animosity & intolerance Introduction, one possible cause. Sponsored link.

Religion as a force for good and evil. Yes, in some cases religion does create intolerance. Religion can cloud the thoughts and judgments of people. Some believe that everyone should conform to the. Relationship between Religion and Tolerance Ryan Burge Eastern Illinois University Another potential linkage between religion and intolerance is focused on the religious tradition of the respondent.

Social identity theorists sciences is the ability to create a pseudo-experiment when that would be.

Does religion create intolerance
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What role does religion play in your life?