Lapd disperses rowdy demonstrators with a rain of rubber bullets

Good morning, America!

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Various versions of rubber bullets have been used to control crowds around the world, particularly in Israel, South Africa and Northern Ireland.

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Los Angeles police fired rubber bullets Sunday into a crowd of people demonstrating against police brutality near the LAPD's downtown headquarters, breaking up an unauthorized splinter group of marchers who threw bottles, vandalized bus stops and yelled obscenities. Rolling Thunder, Issue Three, Summer Testimonials: Page 27 Page Testimonials: Rolling Thunder, Issue Three, Summer against their own rulers.

The demonstrators gathered in the Shaw neighborhood — at the scene of another recent police shooting — and split into two groups. The first group departed just after 11 p.m., marching to a nearby intersection and shutting down traffic by playing hopscotch, jumping rope and tossing footballs.

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Lapd disperses rowdy demonstrators with a rain of rubber bullets
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Good morning, America!