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A few times ago, moving an electric car at high speed for long distance was like impossible. Compressed Air Photo credit: They are also used in internal combustion engines as alternate fuels.

In a film, a team of researchers was trying to produce energy from water. We have listed both alternate fuels that are currently in use and that are being developed.

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Associate Professor Farid Dailami says, "This new fuel could have huge environmental benefits as an alternative to HFO currently used in marine diesel engines and industrial engines. Past decade has seen great thrust on technological researches in alternative fuels.

This fuel is already invented a few years ago, still it is not used commercially because of some disadvantages. July 28,University of the West of England Credit: Its long term application helps create a useable resource from waste which cannot be efficiently recycled mechanically.

Now electric cars also powered by lithium ion batteries just like your smartphone and it gives better performance both in cities and highways. Wikimedia Coal is the primary source of energy to produce electricity.

But now, scientists are thinking to make this real. Recently a microbiologist Lynne Mackaskie and her team at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom found a way to produce hydrogen fuel from the chocolate wastes.

Following section discusses the advantages of each of these types of alternative vehicles and their benefits over conventional gasoline based internal combustion engine. Liquid Nitrogen Photo credit: Wikimedia This section contains all three liquid and compressed gases, liquid petroleum gas, compressed natural gas and liquid natural gas.

The electricity generated from coal is cheaper as compared to electricity generated from gasoline. The research is also of interest to the waste treatment companies, packaging manufacturers and local waste handling authorities.

The waste source is the plastic entering the commercial, industrial and municipal waste streams that is mixed, laminated, contaminated and otherwise not available to conventional plastics recycling techniques.

Hydrogen produced from chocolate wastes offers a greener and carbon free energy source. Hydrogen is used in two types of engines, fuel cell vehicles and those vehicles that have an internal combustion engine that uses hydrogen.

There are many types of energy sources that are renewable and environmental friendly, currently available for use. Wikimedia How many of you know that ammonia can also be used as an alternate fuel. Currently Available Photo credit: It is second most produced chemical in the world so this one could be the future of alternate fuels.

It is more than ten times less expensive than the fossil fuel. In real world, most people think that this is kind of an impossible task to accomplish. Nuclear Power Photo credit: Due to no safety purpose from unwanted explosions, it is still not used commercially in all vehicles.

According to the latest statistics, there are more than six million CNG powered vehicle running in the world. HFO, used in marine main diesel engines is a residue from crude oil refining and as such is the dregs of the process.

This is one of the best alternate fuels, which powered millions of cars around the world. There are many expectations of new energy sources that will come by next few years. It is also considered a practical alternate to fossil fuel for internal combustion engines.

In the case of a typical electric vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell or chemical batteries such as advanced sealed lead battery, nickel cadmium and lithium ion are used for auxiliary power Aldrich, Electric vehicles offer numerous benefits over the conventional gasoline based ICE, some of which are Hybrid Electric Vehicles, ; Sanna,12; Aldrich,88 Highly energy efficient as chemical energy is directly converted to electrical energy without any combustion Extremely high power density where a very small quantity of fuel can provide very high power.

In time Plaxx, as an alternative to HFO, has the potential to benefit local authorities and ultimately tax payers, by lowering the cost of waste management and turning plastic waste into a useable fuel. How to Write a Summary of an Article. Wikimedia Actually, this is not exactly beer. There are few cars available in the market, but this fuel is not used on a wide scale.


Now scientists are developing green sources of energy to reduce the dependency on oils. The research will also develop software tools that will monitor these three aspects to enable engine users to achieve optimum performance from Plaxx. CNG is available in both renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

Uranium fuel, nuclear reactors, generation, spent fuel. Comprehensive data summaries, comparisons, analysis, and projections integrated across all energy sources.

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