Wheelchair with elevating and descending seat

There may be locations or periods of time e. Ultra lightweight wheelchair frame, cushion, and back upholstery designed for comfort and ease of use The Breezy Elegance Silver provides comfort, support, and security for you and your loved ones. For example, the controls may include an "automated" and "manual" mode switch to achieve these desired operations.

Do you have a model I can use. Drive does not sell directly; please contact a local provider in your geographical area to determine the cost. Jazmin G Date published: Optional Through-The-Joystick control of the power seat elevator is available.

It's in excellent condition but the wheels are falling apart. The Elegance Gold wheelchair features a contoured plush cushion and tension adjustable backrest for sitting comfort and postural support.

The system where the chair slows down is the more common of the two systems because it is usually beneficial for the user to be able to move the chair without having to lower it. Moreover, substitution of the pendulum sensors with, for example, piezo-resistive, semiconductor accelerometers provide small, inexpensive, fast and accurate sensors that are easy to integrate into the control system.

The tires have rotted.

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Power Elevating Seats

Yet another advantage of the invention resides in the ability of a wheelchair user to selectively alter the orientation of the seat to change pressure points that develop over an extended period of time without assistance from an attendant.

When used as an automatic self-leveler, a level sensing device, such as a pendulum assembly, is mounted to the seat. First ends 80 of each actuator are secured to the base while second ends 82 are secured to the seat back, for example at about mid-height of the seat back. The chair is very stable.

Thus, by providing two identical sets of controls, for example one for a pair of orthogonal planes a first plane, for example, being defined from northeast to southwest and the second plane being defined from northwest to southeast where the north direction represents the front of the seat, the south direction represents the rear of the seat and the east and west directions represent the sides of the seata pair of signals will cause the seat to pivot in a desired direction to maintain the seat in a level position even though the base of the wheelchair is oriented on a slope.

Wheelchairs and Seating Systems

Inspired by European design, Breezy Elegance Gold ultra lightweight frame and enhanced adjustability provides optimal user comfort and caregiver ease of use. As will be recognized, since the universal joint is secured to both the base and the seat, the seat can thereby tilt in a number of directions and adopt various angular orientations in light of the selected extension and retraction of the actuators.

Such additional degrees of freedom are with the scope and intent of the subject invention. If desired, the reference position of the seat can be altered.

This may be required on certain combination seating systems and for users weighing over lb. To release elevation lock, pull legrest release lever up toward back of wheelchair. Consult your healthcare professional and Graham-Field dealer for as- sistance in developing and learning safe and effective techniques for performing your daily activities according to your individual physical They will be able to see the food that is being offered at the cafeteria, reach merchandise on display racks, etc.

These same wheelchair users are confined to their chair for substantially all of their waking hours. Additionally, the drives for the actuators can be modified by using a full H-bridge drive for each motor using power MOSFETs that allow simple implementation of a bidirectional, variable speed drive.

With the PSE2 option, the user can reach top drawers of a file cabinet, kitchen cabinets, high shelves and so forth. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. A joystick assembly 16 is illustrated, although touch sensitive switches, pneumatic switches sip and puffand other well known switch arrangements could be used with equal success, to provide suitable operator or selected attendant control.

Do not stand on the footplates; this could cause the wheelchair to tip. When the threaded rod rotates in the opposite direction, the seat will lower.

E&J Traveler SE User Manual

This person must evaluate the user's abil- ity, weight, physical condition, the environment in which the wheelchair will be used, and the terrain over which the wheelchair will travel. The actuators provide precision control of the seat. Find great deals on eBay for elevating seat wheelchair.

Shop with confidence. Electric Wheelchairs Powered Elevating Seats and Power Wheelchairs Elevating Seats. Power Chair Elevating Seat. Comes with swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests with tool-free adjustable length riggings.

Dual-Axle Wheelchair; Built-in seat rail extensions and extendable upholstery easily adjust seat depth from 16” to 18″ and convenience when descending or pausing on.

Wheelchair – 18″ Seat Width – Elevating Leg Rests – Lightweight Wheelchairs Swing back arms with easy flip back arm release. Armrests and calf pads are upholstered and padded.


Choose from a great selection of Elevating Seat Power chair from some of your favorite brands at Top Mobility. Free shipping in the USA. Rev. E I. Introduction 3 SUNRISE LISTENS Thank you for choosing a Quickie wheelchair.

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Wheelchair with elevating and descending seat
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